‘This is a dire situation and a Covid-19 Welsh Zoos Support Fund is needed now’ - MS

Responding to reports that a zoo faces having to rehome or even put down its animals due to a lack of funding Shadow Minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Andrew RT Davies MS, said:

“This is a dire situation that the zoo finds itself in, but I’m afraid that zoos right across Wales are in the same precarious situation and desperately need support due to the profound impact of Covid-19.

 “It’s outrageous that whilst the UK Government has taken action and given £14 million to support zoos in England the Welsh Government has still not followed suit.

 “The Welsh Conservatives have launched a petition, calling for the Welsh Government to set up a Covid-19 Welsh Zoos Support Fund to provide vital funding to zoos, which has gained support from people right across Wales.

 “It is high time that the Welsh Labour Government listened to the plight of our zoos and introduce the much-needed fund.”


Link to the Welsh Conservative petition: https://www.conservatives.wales/campaigns/petition-call-welsh-government-create-covid-19-welsh-zoos-support-fund