Covid-19: Transport cuts take effect. Shadow Minister says: ‘Don’t use public transport unless necessary’

Echoing the words of Paul Davies AM, the Leader of the Opposition, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Shadow Minister for Transport has urged everyone to travel only if necessary.

It follows a weekend where thousands of people flocked to Welsh beauty spots.

Russell George AM said:

“We witnessed scenes of people flouting the rules on social distancing, which is to be at least six feet apart from anyone else in public, queuing next to each other to climb Snowdon and Pen-y-Fan.

“I suppose they thought they were ‘getting away from it all’, but were actually putting themselves and others at greater risk of contracting Covid-19 (Coronavirus).”

Mr George also said that reduced capacity on public transport means that only those with an essential reason to travel should.

“I fully understand why rail and bus companies are reducing their services: there simply isn’t the demand right now, and they are also doing their best to ensure that they have the capacity – put simply that they have sufficient staff to run services – in the coming weeks.

“But that makes it all the more imperative that it is used only by those who have no choice but to travel, and that’s pretty much restricted to key workers, or those who rely on it to buy their shopping. 

“How our lives are being impacted by Coronavirus takes getting used to, no-one would disagree, but for all our sakes, don’t travel if you don’t need to.” 

Mr George advised people to visit or their local bus company’s website for advice and updates.