Covid-19: Shadow Health Minister calls on Welsh Government to back NHS volunteer recruitment drive

The drive to recruit, train, and deploy 250,000 volunteers to aid the NHS during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak has been welcomed by Welsh Conservatives, including Shadow Health Minister Angela Burns, but she has called on the Welsh Government to introduce the scheme to Wales.

The drive, launched by Matt Hancock MP – the UK Government’s Health Secretary – will see a quarter of a million people from all walks of life in the UK helping out where they can.

Mrs Burns said:

“There can be no doubt that we’re facing greatest crisis of our lives, and one that demands a

collective and unified approach to deal with it.

“But here in Wales, we too need volunteers to keep our frontline NHS staff working on the core duties while volunteers support them.

“The people of Wales have always supported the NHS, and now more than ever, they must be given the chance to become actively involved in it.

“I and my Welsh Conservative colleagues have had many inquiries from people wanting to know how they can help NHS Wales at this time, so there must be clear guidance for them on how to do this.”