Covid-19: ‘It’s time for the Welsh Government to use private hospitals’

Shadow Health Minister Angela Burns AM has called on the Welsh Government to stop playing catch-up with Westminster, and to instead innovate and come up with ideas to assist in the fight against Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

She made the appeal as she suggested that it follows England’s route, and looks to employ private hospitals in Wales to treat patients of the pandemic.

“Some of the major private hospital groups in England have been requisitioned by NHS England so that their resources – bed spaces and ventilators,as well nursing and medical staff – can be used as we tackle Coronavirus. 

“The number of private hospitals in Wales is, admittedly, smaller than in England, but all options to expand the availability of staff and other resources must be considered, and quickly brought into play. 

“So I am calling for clarity from the administration here to state what action it will take in relation to private hospitals.

“Almost daily, we call on our colleagues across the floor to emulate the action being taken in England, but now is the time for the administration here to take a lead, innovate, so that Wales can ‘export’ its ideas to England and the two devolved nations to tackle Coronavirus.”