Covid-19: ‘Increasing fines for those breaking lockdown is long overdue’

Commenting on the announcement that the Welsh Government has hiked fines for those breaking Coronavirus lockdown rules, Paul Davies MS – the Leader of the Opposition in the Welsh Parliament – said:

“The Welsh Conservatives welcome the fact that the Welsh Government has tonight confirmed it will be raising the maximum fines for those breaking lockdown from £120 to £1,920. 

“This step is long overdue. 

“We are surprised, however, that the First Minister chose to once again make a policy U-turn to the media rather than to the Welsh Parliament. He is clearly scared of scrutiny.

“Fines for breaking Covid lockdown are not a trivial matter nor a social justice matter. They need to be set high enough to act as a deterrent, and so the minimum fine of £60 also needs to be raised, and crucially, the early payment discount must be ended. 

“Those who break the law are endangering lives, and must be punished.”